With graduation behind us and vacation beckoning us, it’s high time for single parents to write out a bucket list of adventures in order to savor every ounce of summer this year. If cost is an issue, set your worries aside. Believe it or not, there’s free fun to be had all over SoCal. What’s on your summer bucket list? Check out these options that you’ll surely want to add.

Baby got the best deal when it came to breakfast. Since we were all eating on the fly to ensure that we’d be back at the house in time for the boys return, we brought along some chicken fingers and milk for her. For us, we stopped at one of our favorite bakeries. I stayed in the car with baby whilst the wife ran in to get something to eat. She returned with two savory sausage rolls that looked absolutely dismal to me. Even though I was desperately hungry at the time, I simply couldn’t bring myself to even consider taking a bite. In the end we wound up pulling over at a convenience shop further down the road. Thinking that nobody could screw up a ham and cheese sandwich , I went with that. I turned out to be so very wrong. It tasted absolutely horrible and it gave me a sick stomach.

Streamlined geometric wedding cakes are also in style for 2010. A three or four tier cake with square layers will look chic this year. Motifs with clean lines suit this modern cake design, as do bands of horizontal stripes. Emphasize a minimalist chic by keeping the cake itself pure white. Festive touches of color in the motif will keep the cake from looking too plain. Symmetry is also in, by the way, so stack those square tiers with the same orientation; none of that topsy-turvy stuff that was popular a couple of years ago. The Dr. Suess look is definitely out this year.

One cannot miss its QWERTY keypad which is an interesting feature equipped in almost all handsets these days. It not only makes typing easier but has got a different outlook with the introduction of other features like time-mapping, optical navigator key. Nokia E72 contract deals make it a wonderful handset with 2.36 inches screen that supports 16.7 million colors and gives the resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Also, these deals are making it sell like hot-cake delivery in birmingham.

Peanuts are great candy alternative. Peanuts are available in an assortment of flavors. Since there may be kids with nut allergies, I would not recommend buying too many. Just add some to the assortment of goodies and give the children a choice.

Another idea would be to rent an attractive artificial wedding cake of your desire. You can use it for the cake cutting ceremony and take photographs with this beautiful cake of your dreams. Once the cake is cut, you can go in for cheap individual cakes or cup cakes of similar appearance and offer these to the guests. You can return the cake to the shop after the ceremony.

User can also search online for any type of handset and deal. Apart from the above features, Nokia E72 Contract has 5 mega pixel camera which is suitable for wonderful images to be clicked. MP3 player and FM radio is there to entertain you in solitude and internal memory of 250 MB is also further expendable with micro SD card. One must try to reach for this great handset along with great features.