There are thousands of ways to make money online. You can create information websites with ad-sense, you can write articles reviewing click-bank products, you can sell ad-space on your website. All these techniques do work in their own right and you can make a good living but you are not going to make six figures a month. The fastest and most lucrative strategy, by far, is to create and sell information products which solve peoples problems. Audio’s, e-books, video courses that are instantly downloadable are perfect. No shipping costs, no inventory, people pay their money and you give them access to your content.

Most people supress this burning making excuses of… Lack of time, no skills, no money, no resources or help…Just plain excuses. That’s why so many people out there who are trying to jobba hemifrÃ¥n with business opportunities give this industry such a bad name. I can speak for myself when I first started out in online marketing, I was so focused on making it, that my desire had taken over me and I didn’t think rationally about anything anymore…

Reason # 1. I have seen a lot of websites that claim to you that you can make $250 in hour and $1000 in a day. It is really impossible to make $250 in a hour by doing online surveys. Normally people believe on them and they spend money for a list of survey panels. And after that people starts taking surveys with great enthusiasm, but they see that they are not getting $250 in an hour, even in a day. So, they think that it is a scam.

One important thing about starting on a shoestring is that you cannot take any money out of the internet for personal use. Anything that you might earn online should be reinvested right back into your business. I am going to show you a series of steps to take that involve free advertising, free products and tools, and free methods of traffic generation. Although they don’t cost any money, they will cost time, so you will have to be willing to spend a considerable amount of time online at first. Once you begin to develop an income online, you must reinvest that money into paid versions of the services you use. If you do not, you will become burnt out on the time you have to spend online, and you will never really get ahead.

Funded proposal- Make sure that you are making money from day one. You want to be paid every step of the way. A funded proposal is when you sell an inexpensive product on the front end,creating lots of mini commissions. But the real magic is when you then sell them your main product, on the back end,once a relationship is built.

The best survey companies, those that will offer you a good number of paid surveys will charge you a one off membership fee of between $20-$50. You can earn anything from $10-$40 for a 20-30 minute survey, so it is likely you will make your membership money back with the first couple of surveys you do.

Joe’s mouse clicks the buy link. He fills in his credit card details and clicks the purchase button. Closing his browser, he checks his e-mail. He watches as two e-mails are downloaded to his machine. The first is the download information for the new software he purchased, the second one is an e-mail with the Subject “Congratulations Joe, you have made a sale”.

12.Say “Thank you.” Have a gracious, personal sounding, “Thank you” email with the order confirmation. It never hurts to show good manners and buyer appreciation!