This post is on how to bag groceries correctly. I wrote this after another grocery buying day exactly where I grimaced at every move the bagger made! You would think that knowing how to bag groceries is common feeling, but you would be incorrect.confirmed by how many times my bread has been squished by can goods or bakery cupcakes made soggy from my rump roast. I know, gross, right? Who would do that? I have taken to telling the bagger (person bagging my groceries) to bag my bread individually and my meats individually from everything else. They roll their eyes at me! So right here are the guidelines to follow when bagging groceries so none of your items are damaged in any way.

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Small items such as candy bars, movie, batteries, and spices can either be place altogether in a independent bag or you can throw them into just about any bag.

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After the loaf was damaged, the wedding visitors would collect the crumbs as tokens of great luck. Ultimately, the bread was replaced by cakes which became more elaborate more than the hundreds of years.

So, if you want you can make this Baseball Bat and Ball cake in any color, to make it look sophisticated be sure to pipe on the outlines in the exact same color though!