The National Geographic channel offers a great lineup of knowledgeable and entertaining nature shows. This list features the best for all different ages.

We love to blame our parents for our weaknesses. We vow to do better, only to find ourselves flawed, discovering our faults in our children. Fallenness runs through the entire human family(Ps.51:5), right back to the first parents.

High profile atheistic writers such as Richard Dawkins also ridicule Christians for being ‘deluded’. I refer to Dawkins’ book ‘The God Delusion’. But as in Thomas’ approach, Dawkins’ view of religion is also seriously simplistic.

Plato studied under the teachings of Cratylus, who was a student of Heradeitus. He was famous for latest cosmology news, which is based on fire being the basic material in the universe. Plato became friends with Socrates because his uncle Charmides happened to be a great friend of the philosopher. Socrates began teaching Plato, which opened up the door to his passion in politics.

So Thomas if you had either taken the time to figure it out for yourself or somehow found out about Deism, you would have realised that you could acknowledge God’s existence and also evil’s existence.

RZW: Janet, that is one of the main goals of the work that I am doing now: to incorporate and bring together all these disciplines within my work. After being in theater for 25 years and working with world-class jazz musicians, I find that each genre its own special gifts to offer.

Om jewelry is very popular in Tibet, India, and Nepal, and it is gradually becoming more and more popular in the west as well. To wear om symbol jewelry means that the person wearing it is interested in Buddhism, or Hunduism, or that they understand what the ‘om’ symbol means. If you are interested in purchasing Tibetan om jewelry, or jewelry with the om symbol, please go to our Tibetan jewelry section.